Why modular platforms are the future of wind power

Why modular platforms are the future of wind power

As wind turbine manufacturers continue to search for the most efficient turbines in an attempt to reduce Levelized Costs of Energy (LCOE), many are experiencing the benefit of shifting to a modular platform.

With a torque range covering 3000 to 8000 kNm, ZF Wind Power’s SHIFT modular gearbox platform portfolio enables cost-efficient gearbox  designs for all markets. Using standardized building blocks inside the gearbox simplifies servicing and reduces lifecycle costs, while offering easier future turbine power upgrades.

Join this Windpower Monthly webinar, produced in partnership with ZF Wind Power, as we discuss how the needs of the wind power market are evolving and how modularity could be the solution. In this session we will discuss how a shift to a modular platform can:


  • Offer customers the highest performance within the smallest volume of control

  • Boost annual energy production while reducing the LCOE

  • Reduce time-to-market

  • Increase flexibility

  • Help future-proof your operations

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