The green industrial revolution: the clean economy and shift to low carbon

The green industrial revolution: the clean economy and shift to low carbon

There is a significant drive to decarbonise industry as the UK attempts to meet its net zero emissions target. But this presents both opportunities and challenges for all involved.

The UK government is seeking to accelerate action by creating four low-carbon industrial hubs by 2030 and at least one zero emission cluster by 2040. It sees net zero as an opportunity to transform the UK's industrial regions as part of its levelling up agenda. In its recent Industrial Decarbonisation Strategy, the government set out its plans to get investors to choose low carbon, transform industrial processes through improved efficiencies and the use of new technologies such as carbon capture, usage and storage (CCS) and hydrogen.

In the run-up to the crucial COP26 climate summit, the UK is seeking to take the lead globally in the move to a low carbon industry, but there are hurdles to overcome. What will the low carbon industry look like? What are the barriers? What are the implications of industrial decarbonisation? How can we ensure best practice? And how can the industry come together to fuel progress?

And, crucially, what opportunities does the drive to decarbonise industry offer the environmental and energy industries? How can we ensure the future is green?

These are the questions we set out to explore in this roundtable discussion, hosted by ENDS Report editor Jamie Carpenter.

Join us and help to shape the future. 

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