Virtual roundtable: Award winners tell turbine technology’s future

Virtual roundtable: Award winners tell turbine technology’s future

The wind-energy sector is maturing - even in the most difficult of times - and there is much to be excited about. Players within the industry have demonstrated strength, resilience and forward-thinking over the past 12 months and managed to not only operate but to innovate, despite unprecedented challenges.

The 2020 Windpower Monthly products of the year awards celebrate these achievements, but they also aim to inspire and fuel further growth and excellence. That’s why we’re hosting a virtual roundtable in partnership with award winners Enercon and ZF Wind Power, to discuss future progress with the top turbine category winners. 

How will they continue to raise standards, push design limits, increase capacity demand and reduce the cost of energy? 

Windpower Monthly’s awards judge Eize de Vries speaks to leaders from gold-standard organisations to find out what’s next. Join us for an insight into wind energy’s future. 

We ask: 

  • How will modular turbine and component design impact supply chains?

  • What major innovations are likely in the next two years – and the next five?

  • Could these innovations impact LCoE and boost wind power's competitiveness? 

  • Where can turbine and component suppliers join forces – to make the most of each other's core strengths and experiences?

  • What are the threats to wind power's progress – and can these challenges become opportunities?

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