What does it mean to be a charity CFO in 2024?

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The role of chief financial officer (CFO) has changed significantly over the past few years. CFOs are under pressure to update existing strategies and improve their data forecasting. They’re also juggling new priorities such as meeting ESG targets and managing employee retention levels.

For most CFOs, these changes aren’t welcome. They don’t have the technology and data tools needed to adapt. Join this Third Sector roundtable, hosted by editor Emily Burt, where we explore how CFOs can better navigate their evolving roles in today’s volatile economy. 

Agenda highlights

Tech revolution: Discover budget-friendly tools to empower the 45 per cent of charity CFOs lacking the technology for their roles

Data mastery: Overcome the forecasting hurdle faced by 37 per cent of CFOs struggling to predict beyond six months

Scaling confidence: Tackle the concerns of 68 per cent of non-profit CFOs who doubt the scalability of their current finance solutions. Learn how to ensure your financial systems grow with your organisation

Don’t miss out on this engaging discussion that promises to unveil the secrets of a successful charity CFO in 2024.