Using Giving Tuesday to amplify your fundraising efforts

Using Giving Tuesday to amplify your fundraising efforts

Giving Tuesday has become a global generosity movement with 70 countries taking part worldwide. This year’s Giving Tuesday will take place on 30 November 2021 – and the evidence suggests that nonprofits running Giving Tuesday campaigns are boosting their end of year fundraising income.

Last year, in the UK alone, over £20m was donated to good causes via Visa for Giving Tuesday – that’s more than £14k every minute! However, research by Third Sector and has found that less than a third (29%) of charity and nonprofit professionals surveyed were actively running Giving Tuesday campaigns but 59% agreed that it was a day they needed to make more use of.

Given the extraordinary financial and operational pressures that nonprofits have faced over the past 18 months, maximising your fundraising efforts, and harnessing the general public’s generosity and community spirit has simply never been more important. So could Giving Tuesday help you end this year’s fundraising campaigns on a high note?

Third Sector's Editor Emily Burt hosts an hour-long webinar talk with Andy Frain of the Charities Aid Foundation and speakers from nonprofits who are making the most of Giving Tuesday, in partnership with They’ll be discussing:

  • How does Giving Tuesday work – and how to make it work for you 
  • What’s stopping nonprofits taking advantage of Giving Tuesday
  • Using Giving Tuesday to amplify your end-of-year campaigns
  • Easy ways to engage supporters with Giving Tuesday

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