How to improve cost handling and tackle spend invisibility

How to improve cost handling and tackle spend invisibility

A recent Third Sector survey, conducted in partnership with Soldo, raised questions around how much visibility charities have over their spending. Only 13% of respondents found it ‘very easy’ to manage financial outgoings. 39% cited 'overspending' as the biggest financial risk within their organisation, and a further 25% cited 'accountability'…

Charities often still use outdated and paper-based systems to manage their finances. It makes it more difficult to track and prove spend. Can you account for every penny spent by your staff and volunteers? Are you handling financial outgoings in the most efficient and transparent way?

If you don’t feel as though you have total visibility into your charity's costs, it may be time to modernise. And if you have unrealistic and unfair expectations of how your staff and volunteers are expected to handle costs, you will struggle in the long term and risk eroding their trust, motivation and loyalty.

What are your pain areas when it comes to handling spend? This webinar, in partnership with Soldo, will address your issues and answer:

  • Where are the most common pitfalls – and what are the opportunities to improve spending practices?
  • How can charities make their financial outgoings more controlled, visible and centralised?
  • How can charities make spending experiences better and more efficient for staff and volunteers?
  • How can charities make it easier for staff and volunteers to make payments and do expenses? 

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