How nonprofit finance leaders can work smarter, not harder

How nonprofit finance leaders can work smarter, not harder

The pressures on charity and not-for-profit finance leaders have never been greater. Nonprofits of all sizes have been rocked to the core by the pandemic, with some charity finance teams reportedly putting in 60-hour weeks to get through the initial crisis. And the sector continues to reel from the impact, with recent research by the Charity Commission showing that a quarter of the smallest charities were forced to suspend all services at the height of the Covid era, and even some of the best-known organisations are struggling with massive funding shortfalls and depleted reserves. 

Sound and strategic financial management will be essential to recovery. Yet even before the Covid era, research suggested that 81% of nonprofit finance leaders felt they weren’t keeping up with the pace of change. So how can nonprofit finance teams get smart about making the most of their talent and resources in these challenging times?  

Join Emily Burt and a panel of experts for a webinar in partnership with Sage Intacct, as they discuss: 

  • The lessons nonprofit finance leaders have learned from the pandemic
  • Practical tips for smarter working on nonprofit finance teams 
  • The biggest pressures on finance teams’ time, and relieving these to focus on what’s important  
  • Key skillsets that nonprofit finance teams will need for the future
  • Whether digital transformation is a game-changer for finance teams


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