Change how we think about charities: the revolution starts here

Join us for an exclusive film screening and fireside discussion event, produced by Third Sector in association with Salesforce. Fizz and nibbles provided.


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Third Sector is exclusively screening UnCharitable, a feature-length documentary that transforms the way we think about non-profits… and you’re invited.

Across the world, charities are held to impossible standards. Fear of invoking the public and media’s wrath stops necessary investments in marketing and fundraising strategies. As a result, charities cannot generate the scale they need to adequately tackle their burgeoning causes.

Exclusive Screening at BAFTA 195 Piccadilly: Uncharitable

UnCharitable, directed by Stephen Gyllenhaal, exposes the dark side of philanthropy and demands that charities free themselves from these antiquated constraints. 

Following the film’s screening, Third Sector editor Emily Burt hosts a fireside discussion and audience Q&A with the documentary narrator and famous humanitarian activist, Dan Pallotta. Dan has previously delivered the hugely popular TED Talk: ‘The way we think about charity is dead wrong’ and wrote the book, Uncharitable: How Restraints on Nonprofits Undermine Their Potential which was the film’s original inspiration.

Join us and other senior charity professionals to explore:

  • The film UnCharitable How it came to be and what impact it's having
  • Thinking of charities as for-profits Why charity professionals are worth just as much if not more as execs at big brands
  • Changing perceptions What can your charity do to get donors to change how they think about charities and their giving habits?
  • The importance of taking a data-driven approach to make the biggest difference

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