The Future of Our Town Centres

The Future of Our Town Centres

Join this webinar, produced in partnership with Shoosmiths, as a panel of experts discuss how the future of town centres will change, post-pandemic, and what implications this will have on planning and development decisions.

Although Covid-19 has been a definite destructor of the UK high street, town centres were already facing decline due to a number of factors, including the rise in online shopping. 

While retail sales are now recovering and believed to be higher than pre-pandemic levels, town centres are still suffering.

What does this mean for developers, local authorities and similar sectors when considering the options for property advancement and ever-evolving consumers' interests?

In this webinar, in association with Shoosmiths, we explore: 

  • How demand for town centre property is changing post pandemic 
  • How the planning environment for town centres has changed 
  • How developers are responding to changes in market demand and planning
  • Proactive options for local authorities wanting to reinforce and adapt their town centres

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