Beyond the buzzword: what connection looks, feels and sounds like for brands and businesses today

Beyond the buzzword: what connection looks, feels and sounds like for brands and businesses today

Which companies are operating purposefully with their sights on long-term sustainability – and which are at odds with their customers, employees and stakeholders needs? In this webinar, in partnership with Investis Digital, we look into how best to connect with the people who matter to your business.

The move to digital-first was already underway before Covid-19. The global pandemic has accelerated the shift, widening the gap between those who are able to pivot communications and those who aren’t. 

With everyone looking to create connections in a crowded digital world – where touchpoints proliferate, reputation fragile and attention hard-won – how can you build and maintain productive connections with the people who matter to your business? And, in our changed times, do your audiences even want them? 

This session looks to answer those questions.

Through the lens of the Connected Content approach, we illustrate the areas you must consider to create intelligent, powerful content and experiences that deliver repeatable, reliable results as well as meeting your audiences’ needs.

In this webinar, we cover:

  1. What today’s landscape looks like and what it means when so many businesses pivot their approach at the same time – across all audiences, from customers to stakeholders to employees.
  2. What a truly digital-first approach looks like, and why you need to align effort and impact across:

Tell It: Your brand story:

  • Why your corporate and consumer communications need to reinforce one another, from how you run your business to how you present your brand and engage with stakeholders.
  • How to find meaningful, purpose-led communications that intersect your audiences’ needs and your business’s vision and mission.

Build It: Your digital ecosystem:

  • How you can create an agile, intelligent ecosystem with smart content design and performance-informed platforms.

Run It: Your audience experience:

  • How to make sure your team can do what it needs to do to best serve your audience’s needs and meet your objectives.

Find It: Your digital performance:

  • How performance marketing tactics support and enhance all aspects of communications.
  • The role of data, insight and reporting in making your content work harder (so you don’t have to).

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