The role of sustainable steel in enhancing offshore wind energy's environmental impact

As the demand for wind power and renewable energy continues to grow, it becomes crucial to minimise the carbon footprint associated with these industries. While offshore wind energy already boasts one of the lowest lifecycle carbon footprints among power generation technologies, the production of wind turbine towers accounts for approximately one-third of all related CO2 emissions. So, reducing the carbon impact of the steel used in the construction process is paramount.

Join this Windpower Monthly webinar, produced in partnership with Nucor, to learn more about Elcyon, a bespoke heavy-gauge steel plate product designed specifically to meet the needs of the offshore wind industry. Not only does Elcyon have specific properties to make it tough enough to survive in harsh marine environments, it is produced using electric arc furnace technology using recycled scrap steel, meaning it can also support developers in meeting carbon reduction and sustainability targets.

Sign up for this webinar to learn more about:

  • The difference EAF steel can make in overall carbon emission reductions for the offshore wind industry
  • Elcyon’s unique properties and production process
  • How Elcyon is manufactured domestically and at scale
  • How Elcyon and Nucor can help you meet your sustainability targets

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