Minimising risk and repair costs with tailored blade inspection strategies

Blade damage can cause extended downtime, costly repairs, or even catastrophic failures. So how can it be mitigated before it impacts energy production?

According to the Energy Institute’s latest Statistical Review of World Energy, global wind and solar power grew to a record share of 12% of power generation last year, surpassing nuclear. While wind turbines play a critical role in the renewable energy sector, serious blade damage can lead to significant disruptions and prove very costly.

Regular inspections are a proven method for assessing and mitigating that risk, but when, how often, and what method, isn’t always as clear. Too frequent can be costly and disruptive to operations; too few and you can miss fast progressing damages; the wrong type may leave you exposed to internal issues or lightning protection system (LPS) failure risk.

Join this Windpower Monthly webinar to hear from industry experts about:

  • Why ongoing inspection and maintenance of wind turbines is critical to the renewable energy sector, and the dire consequences of wind turbine failure
  • How to get the insights your team needs to identify blade trends to mitigate risk so you can confidently focus your budget and resources on the most critical repair needs
  • How to reduce your overall risk exposure, including best practice examples of organisations that have successfully achieved this by implementing a tailored blade inspection strategy

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